About Us


I started The Wooden Wing in September 2012 as a hobby that has turned into much more.  I am a pilot in the Air National Guard and I have always loved woodworking and dreamed of one day turning my hobby into a business.  The Wooden Wing was the answer to merging my two passions in life.  Aviation and woodworking!

The Difference

Once I started making wooden wings people kept asking for different options.  Now I offer more options than anybody else out there.  I use advanced computer technology for the design and production of all my products.  It helps lower the price, expedites production time and guarantees consistency and quality every time!  Each and every item can easily be customized to your request.  If you have an idea for something unique, let me know.  I love a good challenge.

I really don't like to stain things different colors.  I'm a bit of a naturalist that way.  That's why I offer so many different types of woods.  All of the different wood types that I offer are exactly as advertised, not stained or painted to match a certain wood species.

Because I'm a one man shop, I control everything from pricing to production and shipping.  I strive for 100% customer satisfaction so if there is ever a problem with the order please let me know and I will re-make the product or refund your money.

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